Personal air conditioner



  • The Personal Air Conditioner is created to keep workers, wearing air purifying systems, comfortable in either hot or cold working conditions using only one device.
  • The Personal uses breathable compressed air to reach temperature.
  • Ranges of up to circa 20°C cooler or warmer than the inlet temperature.
  • Materials: Aluminium, Weight: 400 gram
  • Airline pressure: 4,5 bar dynamic pressure
  • Performance: 20°C temp. difference, heating or cooling
  • Minimum airflow: 160 l/min. (at 4,5 bar dynamic pressure)
  • Maximum airflow: 230 l/min. (at 4,5 bar dynamic pressure)
  • Compressed air usage: 410 Nl/min. (at 4,5 bar dynamic pressure)
  • working temp.: -10°C
  • working temp.: +60°C
  • Noise level at 5,5 bar: 91 Db