Honeywell T8000 SCBA set

Comprising of :

  • T8000 EN Type II
  • ES421201M-PANO mask+ES200
  • Digital gauge and PASS alarm



Comprising of :

  • T8000 EN Type II
  • ES421201M-PANO mask+ES200
  • Digital gauge and PASS alarm


  • Flexible Connector Demand Valve with Exceptional Mobility

Whether the user is climbing, bending, crawling, or reaching for equipment on the apparatus, the technically superior push-to-connect fittings, Banjo connector valves, function without tools, are easy to operate and have been designed to engineer more flexibility when wearing these demand valves. This simple design helps to minimize bulk and allows freer movement in difficult spaces.

It minimizes the pressure hose closer to the user’s chest to avoid the risk of the hose becoming hooked so that it create creating a more balanced load.



  • Ergonomically Designed Harness System

To take some of the weight out of the SCBA, Honeywell T8000 an advanced ergonomic design of the shoulder straps, hip pad and back frame that allows the weight to be displaced so that only a minimal load is felt on your shoulders and back. The design provides maximum comfort and is quick and easy to maintain. A medium and high pressured hose are positioned on both sides wrapped tightly against the back pack to ensure safety and balance.

The broadened straps ensure comfort and equipped with reflective stripes for easy observation in dark environments.




  • Clarity of Vision with Pano Mask

The SCBA lens forms a critical barrier that is designed to withstand physical and thermal impacts while maintaining integrity and visual acuity.

Wide panoramic vision with distortion free clarity

Its ergonomic design provides exceptional all day comfort

One size fits all

Air click systems allows the users to snap the valves into place

The face piece, internal half mask and skirt is made of a special substance called EPDM that provides optimal resistance in fire and chemical environments


  • Technologically Advanced High Pressure Hose with Chest Whistle

Developing an effective fire stream is one of the most basic fundamentals of any fire fighting operation. Honeywell’s technologically advanced T8000 SCBA determine an effective pressure is delivered to ensure users safety.

An in- built high pressure hose is equipped with exposure holes outside to ensure users safety.

The chest whistle in the front can be heard loud and clear so that the person hearing it can respond and be saved.



  • Reliable Reducer System with Equalized Air Flow

First stage reducer system provides safety and reliability

The buddy breather outlet ensures the safety of the rescuer and rescued, by providing equalized and medium pressure of air flow to the rescued without decreasing it.



  • HS200 Heads-Up Display System to indicate remaining cylinder air.
  • Digital + analogue pressure gauge
  • Inbuilt distress alarm with motion sensor
  • Inbuilt Temperature gauge and remaining time display